Scuba Diving Jobs – Certification Cost

Understandably, the cost of becoming certified in scuba diving will vary. The cost is related to the location and the time of the year so it’s hard to give you a precise answer. So when it comes to Scuba Diving Jobs and Certification Cost, there’s a wide range of prices out there depending also on when and where you want to scuba dive or acquire your certificate. Check out this video that gives clear examples of what to look out for:

I will try, however, to give you a rough idea so you’ll know more or less what you’re in for. Please understand that scuba diving is a hobby that comes at a price. though all that will fade away once you’ll be underwater to enjoy the impressive marine life and the beautiful scenery. So what are the costs related to scuba diving?

Scuba Diving Certification

Well, first of all, you’ll need your certification. These costs may vary as well, but in general, the scuba diving certification (including the course and pool work) will set you back from around $150 to several hundreds of dollars. In general, you’ll be paying some $250-$300 for your scuba diving course including the pool portion.

You may also take the book portion over the internet through PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) that costs under $150. Of course, you’ll still need to take your in-water instruction and open-water dive course and for these elements, prices vary. To learn what it takes to become an instructor, check out this post.

The cost of open-water dives for your certification will depend on the part of the world where you’ll take your lessons. For example, a few scuba diving centers in Grand Cayman (of course, a very expensive place in the Caribbean to dive) are charging around $400 for the required four certification dives.

On the other hand, there are dive shops, for example, on the island of Cozumel that offer the four certification dives for around $200. Cozumel is one of the more affordable places in the Caribbean to take your dive lessons and offers are ranging from an estimated $200 to $280 for all four certification dives. So you see. Scuba diving rates are varying depending on when and where you’ll go. At the peak of the season, you’ll pay more as well, so consider taking your scuba diving course in low season when it’s more affordable. In general, count with some $250-$350 for your open-water certification course.

So when you figure in all the cost (your book, the pool, and open-water dives), the entire cost of getting scuba diving certified is probably between $350 to $450. If you want to obtain your certification in Grand Cayman, on the other hand, the overall cost of getting scuba diving certified (book, pool, and open water) will set you back between some $400 and $600. For the best and more affordable Roatan locations, click here.

In the Caribbean, Utila and Roatan are places where getting PADI certified is still pretty affordable and most places in Mexico offer also reasonably priced certification courses and great package deals. So all the best of luck with your scuba diving certification!