Roatan Coral Reef Diving

As one of the main and best diving spots in the Caribbean, Roatan will guarantee you fantastic visibility of around 30 meters or 100 feet visibility. Roatan coral reef diving is simply spectacular!

With over 174 dive sites which range from wreck diving, caverns, walls, among others, Roatan reigns in diving in the Caribbean. While diving through the diversity of flora which is proper of the island, the different diving sites will allow you to enjoy diving with green morays, trumpet fish, turtles, Yellowtail Damselfish, seahorses, different kinds of snappers and even reef sharks. Roatan can be easily enjoyed by divers of all levels: beginners and advanced.

Everyone, at any depth, can enjoy the water’s fantastic visibility while at the same time enjoying the great conditions offered by the environment, which will always assure you the stillness of the water.

Paradise Divers is one of Roatan’s recognized organizations that can offer you a great opportunity to enjoy Roatan’s worldwide renowned reef diving while staying in a world-class quality hotel. There are many hotels that offer packages which include accommodation, full board and 10-15 tank dive options for groups of divers of over four divers.

The Bay Islands are home to hundreds of species of fish and marine life. Due to its’ location in the warm waters of the Caribbean, reef fish are abundant such as Wrasse, Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Filefish, Triggerfish and many more. The elusive Eels and Drum Fish are also spotted. Pelagic species abound with divers regularly seeing Cero, Travali, Barracuda, and Turtles.

In the Roatan Marine Park, no fishing is allowed therefore it is possible to find all types of big Groupers and Snappers that are normally the first to bite. For example, the Halfmoon Bay dive sites in front of West End are home to many of these fish in all shapes, colors, and sizes. In the protected Sandy Bay, West End Marine Park you will dive into a coral paradise. We support the Roatan Marine Park.

Roatan is an island of lush rolling hills and when it rains the water runs down into the sea carving channels, crevices, and caves in the reef, which have created exciting and safe “swim throughs” to explore. Moray Eels, Nurse Sharks, Lobster and shy species like the Margate Snapper favor these fantastic underwater hideouts. Popular sites such as Canyon Reef, Blue Channel, and Mangrove Bite with their large fissures allow divers the uncanny feeling of diving inside a living reef, which is what makes Roatan special and you a lot fitter.

The Coral Reef

The coral reef eco-system houses the richest and most diverse marine life. Coral reefs need sunlight to grow and therefore can only be found in shallow, clear, tropical seas. As the Roatan reef is protected, there are many species of hard corals, an abundance of black coral and gorgonians all in excellent condition. Special to the Bay Islands is the amazing variety of sea sponges. The Giant Barrel sponge can hold many divers in its cavity. Don’t be surprised if you also meet some whale sharks.

Fringing Reef

The fringing reef descends from the surface, dropping down to five meters (15 ft), thus creating a shallow wall perfect for snorkelers. The reef then very gradually slopes to 10m/30ft, finally dropping off, creating the second wall that reaches the depths of 30-45m/100-140ft.

With the water temperature of 24-31 degrees C /75-100 degrees Fahrenheit and visibility of 15-30m/40-100feet, the diving and snorkeling is excellent year round. In West Bay, the coral reef is only a short distance from shore, which makes for very accessible snorkeling and shore diving in calm turquoise waters right outside your front door of the Roatan Villas on West Bay beach. It is so accessible shore diving is also possible directly from the beach. If you think the job of scuba dive instructor could be your pick, read this post.