Ideas for Island Getaways

Check out these ideas for Island Getaways in Thailand to give you the best options for your Thailand trip.

There are hundreds of tiny islands in the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea, each it’s own unique little slice of paradise. The islands of Thailand attract millions of visitors every year from all over the world, all seeking the crystal clear water and white sand that was made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Beach in 2000.

Some islands are tiny specks of land with almost no one living on them, and others are huge tourist havens with mega resorts. No matter what your idea of the perfect tropical island is, you are sure to find it here in Thailand.


There are more islands off the coast of Thailand than you could ever hope to visit during your travels here, but here are a few of the best islands to get you started:


This island has all of the beautiful beaches, excellent seafood restaurants, relaxing bars, and scuba diving that tourists love about islands in Thailand, but it has yet to be overrun by a huge tourist resort. It is currently just at the right moment when it is well known enough to have good facilities, but is not too well known so that the atmosphere is ruined by an overcrowded resort.

You will only be able to take the ferry to Ko Lipe from late October to May, and you should make sure that you bring all of the money you need because there are no ATMS on the island and not many businesses take credit cards.


If you are looking for an island in Thailand where you can truly treat yourself to a luxurious getaway, Amanpuri has some of the most stunning beach resorts in the country. These elegant villas line the coconut groves and picture-perfect beaches, with architecture modeled on the style of traditional Thai temples.

The rooms are exquisitely decorated with Thai-style furnishings and the smiling Thai hospitality will really make your stay special. These hotels are certainly more expensive than a backpacker hut on the beach, so this is the island you should head to for a special occasion or perhaps a honeymoon.


These nine islands off the west coast of Thailand are probably the best in the country for scuba diving, and they are considered among the top five diving destinations on the planet earth. The water is warm and perfectly clear, and there is a huge variety of marine life living just below the surface.

From the underwater canyon called Boulder City to the barrier reef known as East of Eden, there are several remarkable dive sites to explore. These islands are part of a national park which is an official protected area of Thailand. Overnight guests are only allowed in certain camping sites and bungalows, and these sites fill so quickly that other visitors often sleep on live-aboard diving boats.

These are just a few of the many hundreds of gorgeous islands that can be found off the coast of Thailand. Where will you find your favorite island paradise? For affordable lodging on Roatan, check out this post.