Sailing around Roatan

Sailing around Roatan

Sailing is another fun way to enjoy Roatan. Some options include the Stray Cat, the Jolly Roger Catamaran, Radical Adventures, and Roger’s Catamaran Cruises. To get a good impression, check out this 2009 video:

Roatan, including the Bay Islands, receive consistent westbound trade winds that offer excellent sailing conditions. Just imagine putting up the sails and venture on an exhilarating day of sailing, enjoying the beautiful views and island shores and exploring all the many anchor places of the Roatan area.

There are lots to see and do in and around Roatan with several islands to visit including but not limited to, the marine reserve “Cayos Cohinos”, Pelican Isle-recently written up in Coastal Living Magazine as a top 10 dive spot in the world, Utila Island where the whale sharks are known to migrate each year and Guanaja and for those wanting to have an overnight sail on the high seas, take a sail to Belize.

Take a Cruise

Visitors arriving on cruise ships can enjoy the beautiful beaches and other attractions of the Bay Islands.

Some 250 thousand tourists come to Roatan during the cruise season. Mahogany Bay port is considered the largest cruise operator in the island and where the bulk of the visitors are expected to arrive. Each cruise is parked about eight hours in port. Although not all passengers aboard the boats come down to visit the island, those who do manage to enjoy the attractions on the pier.

The port has car parking for tour operators and taxis, a shopping mall with gift stores, bars and restaurants, a business center and a variety of services for tourists like assisting them with finding affordable lodging addresses in Roatan.

Julio Galindo, mayor of Roatan, said they expect an increase of at least 15% of cruise passengers coming to the island during this season. Many take the opportunity to go diving here as well, a great way to become fitter.

“For every passenger who decides to get off a boat and visit a restaurant, the local economy benefits,” he said. They consider that the highest season for tourism is from December to late April when the arrival of cruise ships increases.

Winter in North America and Europe forces tourists to find warm destinations and they feature the Caribbean as their favorite site. “They come running from the cold because during the summer they can go anywhere in the world they want, but the heat is permanent in this area. Expeditions that arrive from all over the world are mostly from the United States.

Buying Property in Roatan

Buying property in Roatan requires a few precautions, to avoid being the victim of corruption and crooked deals. The first step is dealing with a reputable agent. Talk to people who have dealt with agents before and get references. You can choose to hire a buyer’s agent, i.e. someone who represents you, the buyer, and does not represent the client. This means that the agent works in your favor at all times rather than work mostly for the seller.

A lot of real estate websites have excellent advice to offer you. Talk to other people who have purchased on the islands. There are lots of stories and different experiences that will help you evaluate your situation and avoid common pitfalls. If you want to learn more about Roatan diving packages, check out this post.

Be wary of too tight deadlines. Everything goes slowly here and it is most likely that things will take more time than anticipated. Provide for that type of contingency in your documents. You may come across unanticipated or never seen before situations. That is not unusual since things are done differently here.

Title insurance is an excellent precaution. Some pieces of land are in dispute and could be tied up in courts for years. It has also happened that predated documents have been registered at a later date with corrupted officials. This being a third world country, you should take more precautions than less.