The Endless Search For New Dive Destinations

Across the world, scuba divers are constantly searching for new scuba dive destinations and new waters to explore. There’s a seemingly endless search for new dive destinations. Travelers from American find themselves in the fortunate position that they are within just a few hours flight away from a beautiful barrier reef that’s actually the second largest in the world.

This fantastic oceanic attraction remains largely a secret that cries to get shared among all scuba divers that are looking for a great diving and snorkeling vacation.

It’s actually high time that this new scuba divers’ paradise gets the attention it deserves! We’re talking about The Bay Islands of Honduras, located just south of beautiful Belize.

The Bay Islands are a tourist-based destination that hosts a wide variety of the most spectacular underwater terrain. The region boasts a lush tropical setting and includes impressive Mayan Ruins, majestic mountains, tropical rainforests, and the world’s second largest barrier reef system.

The Bay Islands, situated just off the Honduras coast, were once part of Belize (called British Honduras in those days) and therefore, English is the main and former official language. When you’re seeking a far less-crowded vacation destination with a beautiful Caribbean coastline with turquoise waves? Would you appreciate jungle and rainforests within the easiest reach? Go for Roatan!

When you’re searching for casual but most elegant accommodation possibilities in a very exotic and highly relaxing setting? Go for Roatan! All these mentioned glories and bonuses are just welcome extras for visitors that are attracted by all the scuba diving sites and snorkeling options that are readily available just off the beaches of Roatan Island.

The snorkeling and scuba locations are all offering the most memorable exploration options for enthusiasts of all sorts of experience levels. The pretty shallow fringing reefs that are found on Roatan’s Southwest corner provide the best opportunities to explore beautiful coral formations, typical reef fish, as well as some rare and larger species such as Eagle rays and Hawksbill Turtles.

Visitors who would like to do some regular snorkeling during their vacation, Utopia Dive Village (situated on the island of Utila) is providing complimentary snorkeling equipment to its guests which is available every day. Divers that stay at the resort will be more than happy to take full advantage of the Dive Village’s complimentary (and unlimited) shore diving that is offered with all dive package deals.

Inexperienced snorkelers and beginners who may feel more at ease in shallower waters will be happily surprised by the huge variety of exploration options even in water that’s just five feet deep! These options range from the wonderful to the weird and include exotic creatures like seahorses, reef octopus, or moray eels. Check out as well this post about the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences.

Inexperienced and beginners snorkelers may also benefit from the guided snorkeling afternoons that are available on Roatan’s reef where dive masters teach diving technique and safety issues and let you identify some typical Caribbean fish and provide some eco-marine tips. Read also how you can become a certified diving instructor.

Excursions out to the Utila Cays are also offered from Utopia Dive Village, as well as further opportunities to enjoy some very relaxing shallow-water snorkel experiences. Especially Water Cay is a great destination if you want to enjoy a lazy afternoon. Water Cay is a fine destination with its palm trees and white sandy beaches, giving you that genuine atmosphere of Caribbean paradise while you can benefit from idyllic snorkeling locations almost on the island’s beach.

More adventurous and experienced divers will definitely be more thrilled by the massive steep coral formations that are found at Utopia Dive Village’s house reef. These reef formations are beginning some 40 feet below the surface of the water and go all the way up to the surface just like a group of giant mushrooms. Nothing equals this diving or snorkeling experience, and the great thing is that the waters here are not crowded. Plenty of room to explore everything at your leisure.