The Best Diving Course Locations

When you want to choose a good diving location many things come to mind, and a lot depends on your personal requirements and preferences. Look Scubadivingaround, check the Internet, ask as many questions as you can, and do a lot of research. Check out your budget, and be sure you understand how far it may stretch.  So in this post, well tell you about the best Diving Course locations.

The costs of living in Australia, for example, will be much higher than in places like Thailand. Make sure that you can pay for all expenses in the area where you want to do your diving learning.

All across the world, there are PADI Dive Centers where you can get educated in scuba diving. There you’ll get all possible diving opportunities and the best guidance by trained diver instructors, and at the PADI shops, you can rent diving equipment.

Some PADI centers also provide accommodation but to prevent ant financial disappointment, keep your calculator at hand when you check out how much it all will cost you.

Standard recreational diving courses are teaching basic diving skills, first aid & rescue skills, navigation, and buoyancy control, and they will provide you with all sorts of theoretical expertise. You will also learn how to feel comfortable in the water, with and without your scuba diving gear.

Southeast Asia is among the most popular regions for scuba dive training for many reasons, but mostly because accommodation and food are pretty inexpensively, though you may end up in places where you’ll be lacking some of the luxuries that we’ve all gotten become accustomed to like flat-screen TVs and well-equipped bathrooms, and let’s not even mention the all-present bugs…

On Roatan, scuba diving is all about having fun. At many Roatan PADI locations, diving is fun and everything is centered no diving! Wouldn’t it be great to go diving in clear, warm, water that offers visibility of sometimes over one hundred 100 feet! Roatan houses the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, has minimal currents, and a sea life that’s so abundant that Roatan has become a “Must Dive” world-class destination.

The best Roatan Honduras PADI Scuba Diving Locations

Anthony’s Key Resort
Sandy Bay, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (954) 929-0090

Tropical Island Divers
Marble Hill Farms, Diamond Rock, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 3369-0777

Barefoot Divers (Barefoot Cay Resort)
Brick Bay, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (866) 246-3706

Sandy Bay, Cahoon Ridge, Roatan, Phone: (504) 2407 2070

Bananarama Resort & Dive Center
West Bay Beach, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 2445-5005

Octopus Dive School (Blue Bahia Resort)
Sandy Bay, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 9887-9236

Sun Divers Roatan
Half Moon Bay, West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 3335-7281

Coconut Tree Divers (Coconut Tree Resort)
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 2445-4081

Island Diving Center (Half Moon Bay Plaza)
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (850) 708-8450

Seagrape Plantation Resort
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 2445-4297

Ecodivers Roatan (Half Moon Resort)
West End, Roatan,  Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 3351-8587

Reef Gliders
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 8913-5099

West End Divers
Pura Vida, West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 9565-4465

Quality Time Divers
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 2445-4182

Ocean Connections
West End Village, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 9901-3646

Roatan Divers
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 9947-5611

Splash Inn Divers (Splash Inn Hotel)
West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 2244-54110

Roatan Dive Center (Sueño Del Mar Resort)
West End Road, Roatan, Phone: (504) 9542-2577

Black Pearl Divers (Pristine Bay Resort)
French Harbour, Roatan, Phone: (713) 489-2554

Las Rocas Resort & Dive Center
West Bay Beach, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (877) 379-8645

West Bay Divers
West Bay Beach, Roatan, Phone: (504) 9775-7295

Hammerhead Dive Center
West Bay, Roatan, Phone: (504) 2408-3777

Mayan Divers (Mayan Princess Beach Resort)
West Bay, Roatan, Phone: 9504) 9733-1769

Blue Planet Divers (Paradise Beach Hotel)
West Bay Beach, Roatan, Phone: (504) 889- 1649

Fantasy Island Beach Resort
French Harbor, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 9768-0537

Dockside Dive Center (Coco View Resort)
French Harbour, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 2455-7505

Aqua Adventures (Media Luna Resort)
Caribe Point, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 29656-0068

Subway Watersports (Turquoise Bay Resort)
Milton Bight, Roatan, Bay Islands, Phone: (504) 9959-1140