Scuba Diving – Is it something for you? What does it take?

I guess all of us would love to get paid well for doing the things that we really enjoy, so if you love diving, why not find a good diving job and discover to what exotic places your hobby and all available opportunities will be taking you? So let’s take a closer look at Scuba Diving – Is it something for you? What does it take?

The first idea that will most likely come to your mind is becoming a real diving instructor. Well, there are plenty of opportunities in the most exotic locations, so come on, get ahead, and become one of the many certified dive instructors.

You’ll see that later in your life, you will be able to use your dive certification as a great stepping stone towards a perfect career.

Where Can You Find A Good Diving Job?

You can go for your Dive Instructor Certificate at your local swimming pool if they offer weekend or evening courses or apply for an internship at one of the many PADI Career Development Centers that are found at often beautiful tropical locations around the world. You may start out by checking out all of dive shops around. They may provide valuable information!

Most dive shops are advertising for dive masters and scuba instructors to work right out of their stores. This will also be the place where employers are posting details of vacancies. They understand that every day, the right persons to fill these jobs are walking through the doors of the dive shop.

By the time you’ve learned where to best look, you certainly will find a good diving job. These specialists are needed in the boating industry, marine construction, and offshore installation and construction sector. They all need experienced and fully qualified people.

What’s important is that you decide on the type of industry you want to work in. Many jobs are available in the commercial and industrial sectors, in the navy, or in the recreational and non-commercial environments. All settings and industries will provide rewarding career options, but they vary immensely regarding different sorts of work and requirements. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what it takes to become a professional scuba dive instructor.

Regardless whether you’re working at a PADI Career Development Center in Honduras or Thailand, an enormous resort operation in a country like Turkey or Egypt, or at a small-sized dive facility in the Caribbean, there are always two things guaranteed about your dream diving job: first of all, that it really a job, nothing like a continuous vacation! And secondly, and more importantly, you will be working in the most fascinating, amazing, exciting, mysterious, and wonderful locations our planet has to offer! This really makes the job of dive instructor one of the most exciting and best jobs available in the world.

Many dive professionals have made the mistake of setting out on their professional diving instruction in the belief that this chosen dive career path would be involving a lot of sun-tanning, partying and sleeping, and that dive instruction would be something like a few hours of splashing about in and under the water.

A lot of them believed that these more or fewer vacation days would end by a lot of evening partying where their newly certified leaner divers would be removing their underwear and share the night and bed with them. Well, at times, all these things may occur, and sometimes things even happen on one day.

Be aware, though that the truth of the matter is that if you want to be able to fund the price tag, inevitably quite some work will be involved. The duties of a full-time scuba dive instructor will vary by the location where you are employed, the dive center that employs you, and local regulations.

If you’re working at one of the traditional backpacker sites, you’ll probably be performing seemingly endless introductory and beginner dive courses. When you’re employed by a more established dive resort, on the other hand, the emphasis of your work could very well be more on continuing education classes or working with and guiding certified scuba divers. A lot depends on your certification level and skills, your employer, the location, and the various languages that you command.

There’s an entire incredibly beautiful Ocean Planet awaiting us and you can find numerous ways that we all can get involved in activities to reach new frontiers. We cannot advocate and stress enough that in case you feel you’re ready to become a dive instructor, just go and discover a dive shop or club and start learning! If you’ll find the right place and you like the activity, you”’ never stop learning.

If, and where, you’ll fit in this beautiful and great chain is entirely up to you. You are the one who knows and understands your personal abilities and desires, but if you feel this is your ticket, you can find plenty of opportunities and spaces available.