The Caribbean island of Roatan is Central America‘s eco-hotspot and the dive Mecca of Honduras. On the country’s mainland, you can marvel at the stunning ancient ruins of Copan, also referred to as the “Paris of the Mayas” due to its impressive and still intact fascinating works of art.  Just off Honduras’ mainland, you can find the famous Bay Islands that have reefs that house all possible species of marine life that the Caribbean offers.

The Bay Islands consist of three islands, Guanaja, Utila (a world-famous whale shark hotspot), and the largest of the three, Roatan. At the Roatan Institute for Marine Science, you have the chance to dive with dolphins.

Career as a scuba diving instructor

Are you looking for the inspiration for your future career? Are Working like a slave over your hot keyboard to be able to just pay your credit card debt and your mortgage? Or getting tucked away in some grey, windowless office with only what seems stupid idiots around you?

A good educational background is required, preferably a high school diploma or equivalent. If you don’t have that, we suggest you take a GED online course from Best GED and get your GED as soon as possible first. If so, you are in a good place; we have plenty of information for you how you can become a certified scuba diving instructor, where to find a career center and how to fulfill your dream and get the career (not a job) you will love forever.

I guess we are the kind of folks for whom the quality of our lives is far more important and rewarding than a lot of cash in the bank. But unless you already retired, make sure you have some kind of back-up or fall-back plan in place before you start out on this track!

Things to remember:

  1. You’re active in a service-related industry, you must have the ability to function well in a customer-facing, very social, environment
  2. You must be committed and passionate.  If you really want to dive for a living, remember that you absolutely Must Love It.
  3. You should get a Dive Instructor Certificate and then apply for an internship at one of the many PADI Career Development Centers
  4. There is plenty of work. Diving specialists are needed in the boating industry, marine construction, and offshore installation and construction sector. They all need experienced and fully qualified people.
  5. Keep in mind that the expansion potential for scuba diving is huge, and the technology involved in scuba diving is very young. We’ve known recreational scuba diving for just over a few decades, and the contemporary structured teaching formats are still being further developed. New technologies have drastically improved teaching options and the various beautiful locations suited for great scuba diving have become within easier reach.

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